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Types of Condensing Unit

Nov. 18, 2022

The condenser is one of the key pieces of equipment in a refrigeration system and is usually placed outside the building or possibly inside the chiller room. There are two main types in use today: shell and tube condensers and air-cooled condensers.


What is a condenser?

A condenser is found in general refrigeration systems. It is used to cool the refrigerant that is sent from the compressor, which is in a gaseous state at high temperature and pressure. The condenser acts as a cooling agent, condensing the refrigerant into a liquid. The temperature is low, but the pressure remains high.


The main media used in condensers are air or water for cooling. The main components used for heat transfer in condensers must take into account two main factors: having good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Copeland Air-cooled Hermetic Compressor Unit

 Copeland Air-cooled Hermetic Compressor Unit         


Types of condensers

Generally, condensers can be divided into 3 types.


1. Air-cooled condensers

Air-cooled condensers are used to cool the heat of the refrigerant and condense it from a gaseous state to a liquid refrigerant. Typically, this type of condenser uses finned coils, which are usually made of copper tubes and fins, increasing the surface area and allowing heat to be removed from the refrigerant in the condenser.


2. Water-cooled condensers

Water cooled condensers use water as the medium to cool the refrigerant from the gaseous state and condense it into a liquid refrigerant, making the water warmer.


Two Stage Air Cooled Screw Condensing Unit

Two-Stage Air Cooled Screw Condensing Unit      

3. Evaporative condenser

Evaporative condensers use both water and air to transfer the heat from the gaseous refrigerant into the condensate. The principle of the evaporative condenser is to combine a water-cooled condenser and a cooling tower into one.


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