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The Kendall network has shown a highly impressive growth rate. We are now actively looking for other companies that are willing to be a part of our fast-growing network.

For you to be a part of the Kendall Distributor Network, your business must be a local and independent offering. Through the Kendall network, we can offer our customers instant access to local projects like cold storage construction, energy-saving retrofits, and refrigeration installation. We also provide products like commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment, refrigerated buildings/warehouses and insulated panel systems that power cold rooms. We also provide cold storage doors and freezer floor systems. We repair commercial or industrial cooling equipment, refrigerator parts, chiller equipment, and temperature alarm systems.

The Kendall brand is renowned for market leadership, pristine quality and reliability. When you choose to join the Kendall distributor network, you will enjoy an unrivaled reputation for both technical and engineering excellence.


Gain the ability to build profit in custom refrigeration at factory rates.

Become an expert and leader in refrigeration and cold room installation by working with a network that started 30 years ago.

Kendall's commitment to innovation will allow you to increase your market share. At Kendall innovation is the foundation of our strategy when it comes to solving engineering challenges.

Enhance your sales confidence and technical competence with Kendall’s exclusive product training.

Get access to Kendall's added value in hundreds of products for cold storage rooms to refrigerator spare parts.

Kendall can serve as a fully dedicated business account manager that will help to improve your business and identify ways to achieve growth while supporting your sales and offering you product training.

Boost your customer profitability and productivity.

Pick a choice from the premier, certified and authorized distributor approvals with technological specializations and preferred pricing.

Still have your independence working with a supportive network.

Gain access to new opportunities especially in retail and eCommerce to increase your sales.

Sell top quality products for multiple applications tailored to offer the kind of solutions that your customers require.

Enjoy access to infinite opportunities in the ever-expanding market.

Joining Kendall puts you in a network that serves as a leading motion and control brand both locally and globally.

As Li Xiuming, our director at Kendall says,

"We have a few firms that are about to start working with us as agents and distributors. They will be added to our site soon. So you should watch out because things will continue changing with time. If you believe in our ambitions and feel you can be a Kendall distributor, simply look at our website and check if you like what you see. If it appeals to you, please get in touch with us."

If you want to know more about the benefits of working as a Kendall distributor, you can send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss how we can grow our businesses as a team.


Kendall offers a vast choice of cold rooms, refrigeration equipment and accessories. Whatever your application, whatever your budget, and whatever size and shape for your needs

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