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Cold Rooms

We have been in the business of constructing various paneled rooms, freezers rooms, chillers, and installing refrigeration solutions for more than 20 years. Kendall also customizes various materials to suit our client's requirements. We provide modern and high-quality products that meet all international standards.

See why you should hire us:

● Produce high quality refrigeration systems

● Factory price and charge lesser fees compared to other companies

● Have skilled, experienced and licensed experts

● We have a wide range of supply chain

● Design, build and install all types of cold rooms

Apart from being a specialist in building and installing refrigerators, we also construct cold rooms systems of various sizes; including those suitable for warehouses and industrial purposes. As long it concerns the designing, building, installation, maintenance and supply of accessories of refrigerators and cold rooms, we have got you covered.Cold Storage Rooms.png


Kendall offers a vast choice of cold rooms, refrigeration equipment and accessories. Whatever your application, whatever your budget, and whatever size and shape for your needs

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