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Quick-freezing Cold Storage

Quick-freezing Cold Storage

What are the features of constructing and installing a quick-freezing cold storage?

The quick-freezing cold storage maintains a temperature generally between -15℃~-35℃ and is mainly used for low-temperature quick-freezing of seafood, medicines, medicinal ingredients, chemical raw materials and other products. The general requirements for the installation of a quick-freezing cold storage are that food products should be frozen quickly after cooling and the average temperature of food products after freezing should be -18℃.

Advantages of Kendall's Quick-freezing Cold Storage:

1. We use the most advanced refrigeration technology and insulation board manufacturing technology.

2. Perfect engineering designs, advanced production techniques and strict quality assurance management guarantee user's requirements become reality.

3. The thickness of the warehouse plates is generally 150mm and 200mm. The board is filled with polyurethane insulation material. Both sides are plastic-coated color steel plates or stainless plates. The color steel plate is processed into a hidden slot. It is lightweight, high-strength, has good insulation performance, corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant. The warehouse storage board is quick and easy to assemble and it is one of the best choices of cold storage insulation materials.

4. The cold storage uses an advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods. The liquid crystal display shows the temperature, startup time, defrosting time, fan delay time, alarm indication and various technical parameters. It is simple to operate and very user-friendly.

5. The main components of the cold storage are imported from international renowned brands. These guarantee that the cold storage has a reasonable configuration, stable operation, good thermal insulation performance, low energy consumption and excellent quality.

6. The external dimensions and temperature of the cold storage, location of the unit, entrance of the storage door, internal layout of the warehouse, etc. can all be designed and customized according to specific requirements to satisfy the needs of the user in every way possible.

Shanghai Tianyida Large Aquatic Product Cold Storage Project

Cold Storage Size: 13,000 square meters

Unit Selection: Fusheng parallel screw refrigeration compressor set

Introduction to the Cold Storage Project: Kendall Refrigeration constructed Tianyida's large aquatic product cold storage which has 2 floors. The first floor has a freezer area of nearly 8,000 square meters while the second floor has a refrigeration area of nearly 5,000 square meters. The entire cold storage project uses fluorinated refrigeration pumps to force liquid supply and combines hot fluorine defrosting with natural defrosting. The refrigeration system of the freezer storage on the first floor uses Fusheng parallel screw refrigeration compressor sets (5 parallel connections) while the refrigeration system of the refrigerated storage on the second floor uses Fusheng parallel screw refrigeration compressor sets (4 parallel connections). The entire refrigeration system has advantages of occupying a small area, simple operation, high reliability, etc. The cold storage electrical control system adopts a PLC fully automatic programmable digital control mode without manual operation. The cold storage has already been inspected and accepted by a group of experts organized by the owner.

Shanghai Tianyida Large Aquatic Product Cold Storage Project

Ocean Fishing Vessel

Introduction to the Cold Storage Project: There are 4 quick-freezing storages (-35℃) which use aluminum flat-panel frames. There are 4 refrigerated rooms (-25℃) which use steel pipes. These have obtained certification from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, referred to as PC, has a wide influence in the world. Since 1993, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping has certified RS for maintaining an internal quality management system that conforms with the international standard IS09001. The system is also certified by Russia's state certification agency and independent certification agency SAI Global. RS has been approved to perform quality ship inspection services like other similar organizations that conform with European Union Regulation (EC) No. 391/2009 and European Standard EN17020. It is commissioned by maritime authorities to conduct inspection of ships, issue general documents about ship conditions and regularly confirm the results of the annual review and evaluation issued by the state port supervision authorities.

Ocean Fishing Vessel

Kendall Cold Chain Park

Cold Storage Size: 5,300 square meters

Unit Selection: Bitzer unit, Sick air cooler

Introduction to the Cold Storage: The cold storage has an area of 5,300 square meters (including the platform of 500 square meters) with 6 rooms. The area of storage room nos. 1-3 is 1,100 square meters while the area of storage room nos. 4-6 is 500 square meters. The net height of the cold storage is 7,300 mm. Each storage room is equipped with two 2,500mm*3,200mm electric sliding doors. Storage room nos. 1-5 maintain a temperature between 5℃ to -20℃ and can be changed at will, while storage room no. 6 is a high-temperature cold storage maintained at 0℃-5℃. The platform is equipped with 11 parking spaces that correspond to six 1,600mm lifting platforms and five 2,000mm lifting platforms. The platform temperature is controlled at 5℃-10℃.

Kendall Cold Chain Park


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