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Central Kitchen Cold Storage

Central Kitchen Cold Storage

The central kitchen cold storage has a broader concept since specific cold storages can have multiple functions. Based on the temperature, it is usually divided into room-temperature cold storage, refrigerated cold storage and freezer cold storage. Based on catering purpose, it is divided into central distribution center cold storage, operations room cold storage, transportation room cold storage, garbage cold storage, etc. And based on the operational use of the central kitchen cold storage, it is further divided into operations room quick-freezing cold storage, which is mostly used for processing of certain quick-frozen food. The temperature of the operations room quick-freezing cold storage or storage-type quick-freezing cold storage is usually below -18℃ compared to the average of -25~-35℃.

The common standard configurations of central kitchen cold storages built by Kendall Refrigeration mostly fall under the following categories:

1. Room-temperature Cold Storage (10~21℃, no special setting required)

2. Precooling Room (0~5℃)

3. Quick-freezing Cold Storage (operations room below -18℃ or -25~-35℃)

4. Freezer Storage (-20℃~1℃, generally controlled at -25℃~-18℃)

5. Fresh-keeping Refrigerated Storage (0~10℃)

6. Garbage Cold Storage (0~5℃)

The Kendall team pays attention to quality throughout the entire cold storage engineering process. Kendall has an outstanding and experienced design team and a rich cold storage design and installation experience, so you can send us your central kitchen cold storage plans without worry. We will definitely deliver to you a perfect central kitchen cold storage project to your satisfaction!

U.N.D.C. Coffee Factory Cold Storage

Cold Storage Size: 1,200 square meters

Unit Selection: Dorin compressor, Bohn air cooler

Introduction to the Cold Storage: This cold storage was constructed for U.N.D.C. Coffee Factory and has a total area of 1,200 square meters, which is divided into 2 new raw material rooms, 2 finished goods rooms, 1 warming room, 1 marination room and 1 buffer room.

U.N.D.C. Coffee Factory Cold Storage

Beijing Huoyanshan Catering Cold Storage Project

Cold Storage Size: 2,000 square meters

Unit Selection: Bitzer compressor, BOHN (Sick) air cooler

Introduction to the Cold Storage: This was a project for the construction of a cold storage for the central kitchen of Beijing Huoyanshan Catering Management Co. The size of the cold storage is 2,000 square meters, which is divided into a freezer room, refrigerated room, pre-processing room, materials room, packaging room, etc.

Beijing Huoyanshan Catering Cold Storage Project


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