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Water Cooled Condensing Units


Water-cooled Condensing Unit Can Be Applied Where Air Cooled Units Are Not Desirable Or Space Is Unavailable. This Unit Can Operate With Tower Or City Water And Its Size Will Allow Operation In A Minimum Space; Shell And Tube Condensers Are Standard. The Unit Is Complete With High Efficiency Accessible Semi-hermetic Compressors.


Sturdy Electrical Control Box With Compressor Contactor And Fused Control Circuit

Spring Mounted, Accessible Semi-hermetic Compressor

Sealed Liquid Line Filter Drier And Sight Glass On 5.0 Hp – Up

Discharge Vibration Eliminator

Copper Tubing Secured With Hydra-zorb / Cush- A-clamp

Shell And Tube Water Cooled Condenser With Fusible Plug Or Pressure Relief Valve And Liquid Shut Off Valve

Adjustable Dual High / Low Pressure Control

Oil Failure Control On All Applicable Models

Coresensetm On All Applicable Models

Suction And Discharge Service Valve

Flex Hose On All Controls

Auxiliary Cooling On Low Temperature Models

Suction And Discharge Service Valve

Available Options:

Suction Accumulator With Or Without Heat Exchanger

Sealed Or Replaceable Core Suction Filter With Vibration Eliminator

Oil Separator C/w Oil Return Solenoid Valve

Sealed Liquid Line Filter Drier And Sight Glass

Replaceable Core Liquid Line Filter Drier And Sight Glass

Liquid Line Solenoid Valve With 115 And 230 Volt Coil (shipped Loose)

Ball Valve (shipped Loose)

Compressor Circuit Breaker

Compressor Time Delay Relay

Pump Down Toggle Switch

Our Company Hot Selling Water Cooled Condensing Units, We Have A Whole Set Of Quality Management System. 

May You Ask

What Is A Water Cooled Condensing Unit?

The System Operates Through A Network Of Water Coils Used To Transfer The Heat From The Condenser Coils. These Systems Typically Work In Tandem With A Cooling Tower In Order To Circulate Out Heat. Water-cooled Systems Are Often Chosen Because: They Operate At Better Efficiencies.

What Is A Refrigeration Condensing Unit?

The Condensing Unit (sometimes Incorrectly Referred To As Compressor) Is Usually Located Outside. Its Main Function Is That Of A Heat Exchanger, In Which It Condenses A Substance (refrigerant) From It's Gaseous To Liquid State. ... The Condenser's Heat Exchanger Is Generally Cooled By A Fan Blowing Outside Air Through It.

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