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Kendall Cold Chain System Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shanghai, China and specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of cold storage rooms, refrigeration systems and commercial refrigeration equipment. It has about 30 years of experience in the refrigeration industry and is a pioneer and leader in China's refrigeration industry.

Kendall is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment that integrates research and development, design, production and sales together. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent energy-saving cold storage planning, design and research; system integration and control; manufacturing, installation and commissioning; project contracting and management; and technical support services. At present, the company has obtained 25 national invention patents and 73 utility model patents. It is a strategic cooperation unit of the "China-ASEAN Business Council," a technical support unit of the "Quality Surveillance and Testing Center for Cold Storage Equipment of the Ministry of Agriculture," and the achievement transformation and internship base of 20 mainland universities.

THE GROUP'S BUSINESS COVERS Cold Storage Engineering – One-Stop Solution

Relying on decades of successful experience in the refrigeration and food industries, we consider the integrated design of cold storage structure, base processing, heat insulation, automatic control system and data management system as a whole to design and build ultra-energy-saving automated cold storages for clients according to local conditions. With a complete project team for planning, design, equipment, technology, piping, structure, construction, HVAC, etc. and cumulative experiences from thousands of cold storage projects, we are able to undertake cold storage projects with different requirements and scales. We provide full range of refrigeration solutions as below:

Custom Cold Rooms

Seafoods Freezer Room

Industrial Products Chiller Room

Chemicals Warehouse Cold Room

Logistic Warehouse and Cold Room

Laboratories Cold Room

Meat Products Cold Storage Rooms

Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storage Rooms

Milk Products Cold Storage Rooms

Bakery Products Cold Rooms

Frozen Food Cold Storage Rooms

Medicine Cold Storage Rooms

Clean Room

Blast Rooms

Modular Cold Room


Refrigeration Equipment – Integrated

Main products include: box-type condensing units, open-type condensing units, water-cooled condensing units, parallel units, water chiller units, barrel pump units, etc. Our products are used by domestic and foreign large and medium-sized food, refrigeration/freezing, cold chain logistics, chemical, pharmaceutical, hotel, electronics, supermarket and other businesses. The company provides complete equipment design, production, installation and commissioning, technical solutions and after-sales services to customers according to their different needs.

Water Cooled Refrigeration System

Air Cooled Refrigeration System

Water Chillers


Cold Chain Equipment – Specialized

We provide complete specialized commercial cold chain solutions. Main products include: supermarket air curtain cabinets, display cabinets, refrigeration/freezer cabinets, glass door display cabinets, salad cabinets, ice cream cabinets, supermarket cabinets, display counters, wine cabinets, fresh-keeping flower cabinets and a series of refrigeration equipment for cold storage projects.

Cold Room Parts and Accessories:

Insulation Panels

Steel Structures

Cold Room Doors

Floor Insulation

Roof Cover

Racking System


Lighting Fixtures

Other Cold Room Accessories

Company History
  • 1992

    Kendall Appliance Store Established – Air conditioner and refrigeration equipment sales

  • 1998

    Kendall Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Established – Specializing in the manufacture of commercial/industrial refrigeration equipment

  • 1999

    Kendall started cold storage business

  • 2004

    Zhaoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Established (Wholly-owned subsidiary) – Specializing in manufacture of industrial refrigeration equipment

  • 2006

    Obtained ISO9001 Quality Certification

  • 2008

    Yiming Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Established (Wholly-owned subsidiary) – Specializing in cold storage room design, supply and construction; Holds the full-range construction licenses in refrigeration industry

  • 2010

    Obtained High-tech Enterprise Certification

  • 2012

    Beijing Kendall, Tianjin Kendall Established (Wholly-owned subsidiaries)

  • 2013

    Yunan Kendall, Guangzhou Kendall Established (Wholly-owned subsidiaries)

  • 2014

    Anhui Kendall Established (Wholly-owned subsidiary)

  • 2015

    Chongqing Kendall Established (Wholly-owned subsidiary)

  • 2017

    New Factory (12,000㎡) Built in Qingpu District, Shanghai

  • 2020

    Finished around 1,500 cold storage projects

  • 2021

    Second factory (18,000㎡) will be built in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

Production Scale
Production Scale

The factory covers an area of 30 mu* with a 12,000-sqm factory building employing 280 workers.

Areas in the factory are clearly designated. Tasks of employees are well-defined. These enable efficient work.

*unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare

Modern Production and Processing Technologies
Modern Production and Processing Technologies

Imported equipment, integrated production lines and standard production processes ensure product quality. Long-time stocking of fixed amounts of standard accessories improve speed of shipment and allow a fast delivery cycle.

Research Team
Research Team

The company currently has 25 senior engineers, 55 engineers and 15 economists.

We have established technology research and development cooperation with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and have applied for more than 70 national patents. We have a world-class research and development laboratory to conduct performance testing of our units and to ensure control over various research and development and equipment indicators.

Quality Control
Quality Control

Implementation of 8S management: implement quality control on all aspects of the product.

The company always adheres to national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and leads the direction of energy conservation in the field of automated cold chain with safe, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and stable design concepts and technologies and through the spirit of craftsmanship of a timeless enterprise.


Kendall offers a vast choice of cold rooms, refrigeration equipment and accessories. Whatever your application, whatever your budget, and whatever size and shape for your needs

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