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We offer a turnkey solution for different cold storage rooms to manage the entire process from sales through to manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. Our industrial & commercial refrigeration system that reduces costs, improves product shelf life, leading to a superior experience for your cooling requirements. With the sole commitment of providing supreme quality products and beyond comparison service, we have made it possible to stand out among competitors.

Free Consultation Free Consultation

We work according to client specifications and provide a comprehensive brochure of our best recommendations for you. We can also help in rebranding, designing and modernizing any space.

Design and Planning Design and Planning

We ensure all details and specifications are considered in creating a custom solution for your business.

Supply Supply

We are a manufacturer who takes on a project from start to finish. Regardless of the product you demand, be rest assured that it would be delivered to you in one piece.

Installation Installation

Our products are properly installed. Doing the installation right is important to make sure your equipment works as efficiently as it was designed.

Maintenance Maintenance

Maintaining your products is very important for longevity. We provide a thorough inspection, routine checkups, and after-sales maintenance for all of our products.

After-sales After-sales

Our professional sales team provides all-round one-stop service for customers. We provide a one-year free repair and maintenance service for our customers. Couple with our 7*12-hours technical support.

1. Sales and estimating

We have a team of Sales and Estimating personnel that are always ready to work with you on your projects from feasibility to completion. Our team works with our clients directly and offer fit-for-purpose solutions to their projects. Our years of experience are put in place in providing the perfect solution to all your needs.

We submit tenders that relate to each client's project and provide specific components that will make your ideas a reality. Apart from the perfect specification, your budget is also considered in preparing a tender for each project.

Our team understands the importance of continuity in carrying out construction work; so we provide a group of personnel that will be assigned to work with you till the completion of the project. Kendall sales team will always be available to assist you with any queries.

If you intend to start up any project, kindly contact us and we will ready to assist.

2. Design and engineering

Kendall’s team of designers works closely with our architects, contractors, consultants, and specifiers to produce the perfect result for our clients.

With our wealth of experience, we are always called upon by our competitors to assist in recommending the right solutions for specific projects. We offer solutions that are pocket-friendly and top quality too.

At Kendall, there is a long term and close relationship with major suppliers. This enables us to provide the best cold room design and engineering solutions to all our clients.

3. Manufacturing and Procurement

Insulated Panels

Our panels at Kendall are CFC free, have a Zero ODP, and a rigid polyurethane core. We produce panels with a tongue like a feature with a groove design that allows panels to get locked with any stress with Integral Camlock fasteners.


Our firm provides a wide range of trims by using the CNC touch-control machinery. This machinery is the most modern and has state-of-the-art features that ensure accuracy.


To make sure that our production requirements are maintained, we have a good relationship with our suppliers to ensure that our stock levels are always high.

We don’t necessarily source our materials from just any supplier; we carry out frequent performance evaluation in line with our IS09001 accreditation. This is geared towards ensuring that high standards are maintained.

4. Installation and Management

To reassure our commitment to satisfactory delivery to our customers, our experts are in charge of cold room design and configuration. They check the system to ensure that all the client's needs and specifications are met. Our team of experts can carry out construction projects in any part of the world. We have more than 200 teams of experts at our disposal.


Kendall is a licensed general contractor with several licensed, skilled and experienced architects as members of staff. Our experts will be on the ground to help you start your project from the ground up to completion. We provide safe installation and detailed project installation. We are a certified installation, alteration, repair and management licensed firm. Other licenses required for our operations have also been acquired over our 30 years in business.

Project Management

No matter how complex your project might be, we have project managers with several years of experience who will help you achieve your goals. We ensure that the highest industry standards are maintained in carrying out our installation and maintenance work.

We encourage our clients to send in their PMs on time to enable our team so as to adopt the best problem solving and value-driven approach in delivering your project.

5. Health and Safety

Our mantra revolves around the safety and wellbeing of our clients. We are committed to a healthy and safe way of constructing our projects. Hiring our services will guarantee your safety.

Safety advisors

We have a committed team of safety advisors that provide expert opinions and advice to our clients. Our team works closely with our clients to share our bespoke health, safety and environmental experience. Top safety measures are always put in place to ensure efficient service delivery.

Regular safety audits are carried out periodically at our project sites to ensure that best international safety standards are complied with. We have introduced our safety guides to all our team of staff so as to comply with the best practices.

6. Service and Maintenance

At Kendall, we have a specialist who is dedicated to carrying out maintenance services of all categories. Some of the services for maintenance include refurbishment, repair, and temperature control.

These maintenance services are carried out by our experts who are skilled and worked on complex projects. For instance, if you have a broken door, our team can help you repair them

Maintenance services and applications

Our maintenance service is all-encompassing. We also carry our preventive maintenance programs. This will ensure that your systems always work at optimal capacity without breaking down. Our maintenance services also include distribution centres, cold rooms, retail outlets warehousing and so on.

Below is a comprehensive list of our maintenance services:

Repair and maintenance of Cold room compressors

Cold room evaporators

Repair and replacement of cold room doors

Repair of tracks

Maintenance of pressure valves

Insulated panels repair or replacement

Repair and replacement of corner trim

Repair of walk-in chillers, blast cold rooms and freezers

7. Specification and Consultancy

At Kendall, our project managers work hand in hand with our architects and consultants from the design to the completion stage. Our consultants are trained to offer advice and recommendations that will meet international standards.

Over the years we have carried out several complex projects that seemed impossible to achieve. We always focus on meeting all your specifications and requirements by following industry standards.

Notwithstanding the size of your project, we will deliver it on time.

Our clients can attest to the competence of our consultants. They offer formal and informal advice as the project goes on.

We provide the perfect solution to all your cold room problems and other related matters.


Kendall offers a vast choice of cold rooms, refrigeration equipment and accessories. Whatever your application, whatever your budget, and whatever size and shape for your needs

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