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Cold Room Doors

High Speed Rolling Door

High Speed Rolling Door

Our Rapid Rolling Door features automated opening and closure which prevents cold loss and ensures the rapid passage of logistics.

Product Description

Our Rapid Rolling Door features automated opening and closure which prevents cold loss and ensures the rapid passage of logistics. With optimal tensile strength and tear resistance, it is one of its kind. PLC control system has digitalized its operations and ensures its stable functioning. Furthermore, it is equipped with an anti-collision device that not only dampens but also makes sure that the door recovers in no time after the impact.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing up to the standard rapid rolling doors to maintain hygiene environments. And built-in flexible magnetic strip compensates minor sealing error and ensures no air disturbance.


● European Standard Fire grade

● PVC transparent windows.

● Electric opening mode

● Stable performance.

● Low noise

● Power-off brake

● Manual brake

● Enhanced power system

● PLC control system

● Rapid open and close speed

● Infrared protection device

● Auxiliary switch

● Warning lamp

● Anti-collision device


● Wind Resistance Load: 180N/M

● Tear resistance: 600N/600N (longitude/latitude)

● Structural Material: Cold steel rod, seamless drum, electrostatic spraying, multi-row brush seal.

● Tensile strength: 4000/3500 (longitude/latitude)

● Ideal Environment: - 30 ~-70℃

● Operational accessories: Geomagnetic rings, radars, gratings, sense of safety, manual pull ropes, remote controllers.


● Electronics

● Machinery

● Medicine

● Chemical Industry

● Textile printing

● Warehouses

● Logistics

● Food Industry

● Supermarkets


In addition to the above-mentioned specifications and requirements, our company is capable of providing customized products in order to satisfy customer needs.

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