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Why Do You Need A Commercial Cold Room?

Jun. 29, 2022

When businesses need to be able to refrigerate their goods, it is inevitable that they will need to invest in a cold storage solution. For many small businesses, a large refrigerator or cold room may be sufficient, but for many more businesses, a more spacious, reliable, and efficient solution is needed.


It may be tempting for business owners to continue to rely on a cold room or refrigerator, as installing a commercial cold room may seem like a great investment - however, continuing to use an older cold room solution can add significantly to the cost!


For example, a properly installed commercial cold room can offer advantages over refrigerators and cold rooms, such as

Commercial Cold Room

 Commercial Cold Room


One thing a commercial cold room can offer in abundance is space - beyond a certain volume, the number of refrigerators or cold rooms needed to adequately cool all items will take up more space than a single cold room. On the other hand, a commercial cold room is just one room, making it easier to manage and consolidate your cold room into one large space.


Within a commercial cold room, more efficient space management and organization are possible, and your cold room can be organized with shelving or other space savers to ensure that you store more items than can be crammed into a regular refrigerator.



Forget stacking shelves and rummaging through your supplies to find what you need – a cold room gives you the freedom to keep your food organized and in its place. Some large catering establishments have multiple cold rooms for different aspects of their operation – one room for drinks, one room for meats, and another room for storing frozen items such as fries, ice creams, and other goods, and all goods can be accessed immediately on foot. Having this freedom and flexibility isn’t possible with standard refrigerators, which is why cold rooms are favored by many.

 Commercial Cold Room

  Commercial Cold Room


When it comes to efficiency, commercial cold rooms outperform a range of refrigerators and cold rooms on all fronts. When refrigerated solutions are integrated in a fully equipped and furnished commercial cold room, energy efficiency is greatly enhanced. A single room allows only one large chiller to be used instead of a large number of smaller units, and the stronger, more efficient insulation means less energy is required to cool the same overall area, helping to reduce electricity bills. This integration also helps with maintenance, by providing an easy-to-maintain system and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.



Commercial cold rooms are also a safer option than a large number of smaller chillers. With fewer chillers in operation and greater integration with the building, there is less risk of fire or electrical problems, and the health of employees is improved with a walk-in commercial cold room versus a row of cold rooms or a row of commercial refrigerators. May be associated with increased back pain and aches for your employees as they constantly bend to retrieve items or stretch to lift them.



Of course, you should always consider cost when choosing a cold room. With lower energy requirements, fewer components, and only one rather than multiple chillers, it's easy to see how a commercial cold room can save your business money.


For more information on how a cold room can help you, or talk to one of our expert consultants about whether a commercial cold room is right for your business, you can contact us. We'd be happy to help you.

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