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Where Are Chillers Used?

Dec. 03, 2021

All buildings require air conditioning. For smaller buildings, this can be provided by air conditioning units, but once a building reaches a certain size it becomes cost-effective to use a centralized system. Centralized systems use 'chillers', which are basically huge air conditioning units, but they work in a slightly different way due to their size.


Chillers are usually located in basements or on roofs. Rooftop chillers tend to be air-cooled, while basement chillers tend to be water-cooled. By 'cooling' we mean the method it uses to vent unwanted heat into the atmosphere, which is absorbed in the building. A water-cooled chiller will use a cooling tower, while an air-cooled chiller will blow air through the condenser, just like an air conditioning unit, to dissipate unwanted heat into the atmosphere.


Where are chillers used?

In the industrial world, there are millions of machines that generate incredible amounts of heat. In order for these machines not to overheat and meltdown on their own, they must be cooled. This is what chillers are designed for. Chillers are used for processes that operate at temperatures of 60° F or lower. For processes operating at 85° or higher, cooling towers are more suitable. Some common areas where chillers are used are listed below.

Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

 Water-Cooled Screw Chiller     

HVAC systems

In Arizona, cooling systems are not only about comfort but also about health and safety. For commercial premises, cooling costs typically account for 30% to 50% of energy costs. With the rising cost of electricity and the phase-out of HCFCs and CFCs, the need to replace large commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems with cooling systems is very high.


Plastics manufacturing

Chillers used in plastics manufacturing often perform one or both of two roles, cooling plastic products and cooling the machinery used to manufacture them. products that are blown, stamped, or extruded. Cooling units are also used to keep the barrels of extruders and the hydraulic systems of molding machines cool. This not only saves energy but also helps to extend the life of the plastic manufacturing equipment.


Medical facilities

Medical facilities, especially those performing MRI, laboratory tests, scans, and blood cooling, rely on coolers to get the job done. scanning equipment such as MRI machines generates a lot of heat, which must be dissipated quickly and safely to keep the equipment in shape.


Printing plants

Water chillers play a key role in high volume printing plants. A lot of heat is generated when printing rollers rub together and when inks dry in the oven. To keep the rollers in good condition and the newly printed sheets in good condition, chillers are used. They remove heat from the process and keep the parts and paper in good condition, despite the high temperatures.


Beverage industry

A common step in the production of many types of beverages is cooking, mixing, and pasteurizing. Whether it is soda, beer, milk, or other beverages, the beverage industry relies on coolers to remove the heat generated by these processes.


Laser applications

Lasers are rapidly becoming a more common element of production and generate a lot of heat. To keep the lasers and the products they cut cool, coolers are integrated into these systems.


Rubber manufacturing

The rubber industry relies on chillers to cool multi-zone water temperature control units. This keeps rubber mills, rubber extruder barrels, Banbury compactors, and calendars cool and working properly.

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